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Monday, September 24, 2007

It Begins

This morning was my first morning of P90X, a 12 week process that will surely be tough on me, but rewarding, for sure.

I think the hardest part of this 12 week process is going to be waking up at 5:00 every morning. I woke up early all summer long, but now that the nights are cool and the mornings are darker, it just seems harder to get out of bed. That snooze button is so tempting. But I did it. This morning, anyway.

I took it easy and slow. The first workout is a back and chest set, featuring loads and loads of different types of push ups and pull ups. You are supposed to use a pull up bar, but I don't have a place to put one, really, so I'm using my bowflex. It's a good thing, too, because I'm sure I couldn't do more than a few pull ups right now anyway, and the bowflex allows me to adjust the weight.

By the end of the 50+ minute push up/pull up barrage, I could hardly eke out 2 rep sets of push ups. I definitely have a long way to go. I look forward to seeing progress in the push up department.

Today was also an ab day. After the first dvd, I put in the Ab Ripper dvd. This one is 15 minutes of straight ab death. Every type of ab exercise you can imagine. I sucked. Most of the time I was done well before the guys on tv were even half way through their sets. I guess that's part of earning a 6 pack. Loads of pain.

I'm exited to see the other routines. After working through them all once I'll know what to expect and week 2 I'll be better prepared.

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Bryan said...

Great job, Ben. I've never been great with mornings. But just think, when you're getting up at 5, it's already 7 here in Indiana, and 7's not so bad. Don't try to argue with my logic. I've never been great with math either.