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Monday, September 24, 2007

My Goals

Long Term Goals:
- less than 10% body fat
- 10+ consecutive pull-ups
- 50+ consecutive push-ups
- 17.75" neck (+ 1")
- 16.25" calves (+1")
- 34" pant size
- Drop size of gut (as measured over love handles and belly-button)

- I think I can get under 10% body fat at around 185 pounds. I'll know better after I'm tested.
- I haven't been able to do double digit pull-ups since high school body conditioning.
- When I weighed a buck fitty.
- Of course, I don't think I tried doing pull-ups in the decade between 1994 and 2005.
- About a year and a half ago, after lifting for 6 months, I could do 6 pull-ups.
- I could do 50 consecutive push-ups in college.
- A year and a half ago, I stalled out at just under 40.
- Despite its presence on many a list, Santa never did bring me the upper-body strength.
- Oh well, better pec-less than feckless ... sighs Jenny.
- My neck currently measures 16.75" over the pointiest part of my Adams Apple.
- Left calf (not pumped) = 15" Right calf (not pumped) = 15.25"
- To better fit my hips, butt, and thighs, I tend to wear pants 1-2" bigger than my waist.
- I want to comfortably wear size 34 pants.
- As for the measurement of my gut, I don't have point of reference to aim for. Just smaller.

Three Month Goals:
- Minus 3% body fat
- 6 consecutive pull-ups
- 35 consecutive push-ups
- Add half an inch to neck.
- Add half an inch to (unpumped) calves.
- Weigh less than 200 pounds.
- Look better.

- I'm copying Ben on his -1% body fat each month.
- I can do 2 pull-ups right now.
- I don't know how many push-ups I can do.
- I could test myself this second, but that sounds way too hard.
- I don't know how much muscle weight I can expect to gain by lifting.
- Which is why I'm more concerned about losing body fat than getting under 200 pounds.
- I start physical therapy for my Achilles tendinitis this week, so calf workouts may wait.

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Ben said...

Great goals, Bryan. I could pretty much use yours as my own. You're down almost 30 pounds? That is really awesome. Great job.

And no, I never did have that mountain dew or fountain coke. The closest I came was drinking the rock star energy drink "juiced" version, which I justified because it was half juice, after all. And you know what? Pop really isn't tempting to me anymore. Rarely, anyway.